The spirit that guides us in the relationship with our neighbors is being able to harmoniously live with them and their surroundings, supporting them when we can, within a framework of mutual respect, which includes the customs and religions, ownership of the property and the current laws.

Before starting Operations on our land, Risk Analysis was made which identifies and dimensions the impacts or alterations that this could cause for the well-being and day-to-day life of our neighbors (E.g. transit of trucks and machinery, bothersome noises, floating dust, etc.). With this information we planned a meeting with our neighbors, where the activities that would be made, the impacts that these would generate and the specific control/mitigation measures that would be taken were informed, along with collecting measures proposed by the neighbors.
With the measures proposed and agreed upon by the parties, a commitment was made which was put into writing in an Act of Agreements, which will later be regularly evaluated through direct and formal consultation with the neighbors (Monitoring), which will indicate the level of compliance and, where necessary, will generate adjustments to the measures which aim at continuously improving these. The Monitoring is done during and at the end of the Works

Talk on the Environmental Certification and its impact on Forestry Companies

For technical/forestry students at the Antulafken School, in the town of Puaucho in the district of San Juan de la Costa.

Improvement of the Los Guindos Race Track

Support to the Los Guindos neighborhood organization in improving the Chilean horse-racing track, in the Cufeo sector in the district of Paillaco.

Help for the Puaucho Community in controlling Liws Spillage

Support was provided to control the liws spillage (of third parties) in the town of Puaucho, in the District of San Juan de la Costa.

Support because of the water shortage

Providing water for the Community of Los Riscos in the district of Purranque.

Weaving Workshop

Weaving workshop held for our neighbors in the Sector of Los Riscos, district of Purranque, within the framework of our local development support strategy.

Support for Our Neighbors

Sports equipment given to the Antulafken School in Puaucho, in the district of San Juan de la Costa.

Improvement of Road Connections

Improvement of internal road connections of the Ko-Rayen Indigenous Community in Riachuelo, in the district of Rio Negro.