These are the people who make it possible to operate the sites that the Company plans and develops on its land; it is because of this that we are greatly concerned about fully complying with our agreements, watching over the fair treatment of their workers, their training, health, safety and well-being, building stable, long term relationships.

Training is one of the important tools which instructs and contributes in developing the sense of work responsibility by workers and employers. Although it is true that training is used transversally in the company, the work health and safety area has the greatest participation, permitting by this collaborating in the attenuation or elimination of risks and unsafe conduct and in this way contributing to avoiding that professional illnesses and accidents are produced.

Behavior Improvement Course

This has a central concept of 'Contributing to improve Work Health and Safety behavior'. It considers contents like:

  1. Perception and Safety.
  2. Work safety commitment model.
  3. Why don't people do what they are supposed to"?
  • The company works with a basic monthly control system for the accident records of all our Contractors and prepares mobile indicators considering the last twelve months. The Contractor's Accident Rate is determined this way, which to April 2015 is at 6.2%; while the Incident Rate has a value of 110; on the other hand, the Accident and Incident Rate among direct workers is 0 (Zero), reaching on 30.04.2015 a total of 2010 days without lost time accidents.
  • All efforts are being made for onsite safety and operational controls which look to reduce operational risks and indirectly lower the accident rates of our services. At the same time, as a complement to this, we have an ambitious Training Program for all levels in the company, considering varied aspects with emphasis on being applied in critical areas or tasks.