They are among the most important resources; it is because of this that the Company is greatly concerned about keeping them constantly trained, in a comfortable and friendly environment, worried about their health, safety and well-being.

Certification Training.

FSC Certification Training was carried out by Environmental and Social Management for all Forestal Anchile Ltda's workers on March 18th 2014, in ACHS's offices in Osorno.

Fundamental Rights Seminar.

Fundamental rights seminar led by the Lawyer, Eric Olivares, for all Forestal Anchile Ltda workers between September 23rd and 24th 2014 in the offices of the Business Center in Osorno.

26th anniversary

In this ceremony, awards were given to the following people:
  • Workers who have accomplished years of service:
    • 20 Years: Julio Azocar, Yanneth Hernandez
  • Workers with outstanding participation in each area:
    • Operations: Rudy Cayuqueo
    • Legal & Regulation: Jaime Epuyao
    • Sales & Production: Susana Menzel
    • Adminitration: Francisco Jaramillo
  • Worker(s) with outstanding participation in the company:
    • Jaime Becerra, Masahiro Matsushita

Christmas 2014

Casa Betania