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Forestal Anchile Ltda is a company that is certified under the FSC ®forestry management standard, carrying out all their operations governed by the principles of this norm, managing the economic, social and environmental aspects in a balanced fashion to, in this way, attain the responsible development of the company.

Forestal Anchile Ltda, has been certified under the seal of the CERTFOR (PEFC) Sustainable Forestry Management standard since 2008, complying with the norms established by this standard when carrying out all their activities.

What is CERTFOR:

CERTFOR is the Chilean System for Sustainable Forestry Management Certification, standardized internationally by PEFC in October 2004.
PEFC (program for the endorsement of forestry certification) is an independent, non-profit, non-government organization founded in 1999 to promote sustainable forestry management by an independent third party certification. PEFC offers a guarantee mechanism for wood and paper product buyers, which promotes Sustainable Forestry Management for Forests. (